The Best in Caribbean Entertainment Style Events From King Leo Promotions

December 3, 2019 at 5:00 AM
by King Leo Promotions

Nothing puts the sizzle and spice into an event more than adding some genuine Caribbean flair. In this region, cultures from all over the world have come together to combine in exciting and unexpected ways.

From Puerto Rico to Panama and everywhere in between, we see the rich diversity of the Caribbean region in food, folklore, heritage, and, most of all, our area’s passion for music. 

And nobody puts on Caribbean entertainment with as much excitement and authenticity as King Leo Promotions.

A Decade and a Dream

We put King Leo Promotions together over ten years ago with more than a simple desire to make money. Our mission lies not only in providing top quality entertainment opportunities, but also in sharing our culture.

With the world so divided and angry today, we need the love and peace that Caribbean culture always celebrates so well. Our work always reflects our passion for sharing those ideals.

We take pride in bringing the best of our region’s entertainment to venues across the area, New York City, and other exciting places.

Top Quality Caribbean Style Entertainment

The Caribbean is more than just a geographical expression. It’s a lifestyle and a way of looking at the world itself.  Caribbean culture focuses more on enjoying the gifts we are given today rather than putting off enjoyment of life until later. Our passion and zest for life comes out in our food, our music, and in all other things that bring us together.

Bringing that love of life to as many people as possible is our most important service to those who attend our shows. 

Putting Together Festivals of Fun and Celebration

King Leo Promotions also specializes in putting together music and cultural festivals. We have years of experience in putting together multi day extravaganzas of music and more. 

Our team will arrange for a selection of some of the most accomplished artists in Caribbean style music

Festivals bring together hundreds, sometimes thousands of people to enjoy an experience over as many as three days. We make sure to infuse each festival that we plan with as much exciting Caribbean culture and fun as possible.

Our Attendees “Rave” About Our Shows

We also specialize in heart pounding, bass thumping, live rave-style shows. For decades, young people have flocked to these energetic shows. They love music that's fun, live, and loud and King Leo Promotions delivers on all counts. 

As attendees know, raves involve more than just putting together a concert. It incorporates precisely planned combinations of music, lights, and sounds that maintain a fast and frenetic pace, driving up the energy to a hypnotic level.

Our rave shows provide a truly authentic Caribbean experience while also incorporating the dynamic spirit behind all great events of this type.

In all of our shows, we promote shouting out loud over subtle expression, energy over tranquility. We don’t just bring music. We bring spirit and heritage. 

And our pride for our culture shines through in every event we create.

Reach Out Today

Contact us today to learn more about our range of events at King Leo Promotions. Our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions about who we are and what we do. If you are interested in planning a Caribbean-themed event, we can schedule a consultation. 

We look forward to bringing our love of the Caribbean to make your festival, rave, or show a huge success. Please check out our site for more information.