Why we do it!

For over 10 years, King
Leo Promotions has
pulled off memorable
festivals with
Caribbean flair!

About King Leo promotions
A decade ago, King Leo Promotions began as a dream.

We wanted to spread awareness of Caribbean culture and show the unique flavor that comes with it. We decided that the best way to do this was to put together Caribbean-infused festivals and events and let people experience a whole new level of fun for themselves.

Originally a Floridian company, guests gained access to our festivals by bringing canned food donations and sponsors took care of the rest. We've evolved and grown since then, and we now offer events and festivals in New York, Florida, and the Caribbean. We've become the go-to destination for people on vacation, and no one can throw a party like our staff.

Every member of King Leo Promotions has a passion and a dedication to pull off over the top festivals that embrace authentic Caribbean culture. We bring this passion to each event we put on, and this is why we have so many repeat attendees. They know they'll get top-notch entertainment from the time they step onto the festival grounds until they leave.


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