Answering Common Questions About Our Caribbean Music Festival Events and Other Entertainment

January 6, 2020 at 5:00 AM
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Where Latin American, African, European, and North American cultures meet, you will find some of the richest culture on the globe. 

Whether you love a broad array of delicious foods, exciting and innovative music, or just a more relaxed pace of life, the Caribbean has much to offer.

Most of us can’t go to the Caribbean whenever we wish. For that reason, King Leo Productions strives to bring a taste of the Caribbean to you. Whether you want a concert, a rave, a Caribbean music festival, or other type of event, our Caribbean flair always brings a unique and exciting experience to audiences and participants alike. 

While our website covers most issues, we have listed some commonly asked questions about our services.

Why Caribbean Music?

Our answer: why not?  Many ask us why we do not offer a range of musical styles, saying that we could expand our business if we expanded our repertoire.

While of course we are in business to make a living, we see our larger mission as spreading the good word about everything Caribbean. The culture serves as an integral part of who we are and what we do. 

Therefore, you will certainly hear reggae and some folk music, but we don’t do American rap, country, or heavy metal--just the beautiful and exciting sounds of Caribbean rhythms.

In What Ways Do Your Events Evoke Caribbean Culture?

Our events mainly evoke Caribbean culture through the music. That said, we also want to make sure that we instill important messages. 

We want to expose all of our new friends to the beauty of not only our forms of music, but our entire culture. That includes encouragement to bring a little more love and peace into your mindset while making sure to find enjoyment in every day. 

What Types of Events Do You Normally Organize?

Our team works to organize fetes, raves, concerts, and more. A fete can involve several music groups, food, and fun with thousands of new friends. In much of the US, many refer to fetes as “festivals.”  These can last for as little as one, or as many as several days. For the most part they center around a series of concerts by Caribbean themed musical acts.

Raves involve hundreds or even thousands of attendees who come to dance to bass thumping music provided by disc jockeys or live acts. The center of the action, however, lies in what happens on the dance floor rather than the stage.

Finally, we organize and produce a number of concert events featuring a main act and, most of the time, bands opening for them. Our team enjoys working with some of the best venues available to ensure that all attendees have a great time.

How Long Has King Leo Productions Worked On Event Planning?

We have over a decade of experience putting together Caribbean themed events all over. That decade has given us experience in pulling together every last detail for a perfect show. 

We put all of that knowledge and experience and then some into every show. We understand that each show must have its own unique feel.  It should provide a meaningful and memorable experience that those who attend will carry with them for years. 

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